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From: RWisneski AT njtransit DOT com
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 07:30:28 -0500
Subject: Seniority Rights - Earl Stritenberger
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See attached photo, I'm told that is Earl Stritenberger in the center background of this photo, looking to his left at the table of DL&W men in the foreground. This photo was taken at some point in the summer of 1983 at Hoboken Terminal, the first year of NJ TRANSIT Rail Operations, no doubt an attempt at boosting employee morale after the strike earlier that year.

Sitting around the "DL&W" table in the foreground are (clockwise from left) Donald Kelly, Bill Warrick, Alan Best, Bill Morgan, Ron Smith.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this photo to the list before, but thought it worth it to do so again given the story you posted.

Rich Wisneski


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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 08:09:38 -0500

From: tommy meehan >

Subject: (erielack) Seniority rights

If anyone recalls, the first batch of NJDOT-supplied Pullman Standard push/pull cars included bar cars.

Some of the attendants were former EL Dining Car Dept. employees, waiters, stewards, etc.

I used to ride an eastbound evening Suffern train that had a bar car. I don't recall the name of the attendant but he told me he was a former dining car waiter. Originally hired by the Erie, I think his last assignment was THE LAKE CITIES. When that train came off he was out of work. He loved the railroad and was very happy when he was called back.

Btw the conductor on that train was the late 'Uncle' Earl Stritenberger, a real character and a really wonderful man.

Earl loved the railroad, loved to TALK railroad (with anyone who cared to listen) and was a natural-born storyteller. He was also a very competent railroader.

Earl was buddies with the bar car attendant, and the latter could usually be counted on to get Earl going with stories when the occasion arose and time permitted.

That was a happy train to ride.

tommy meehan


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