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From: "J DOT Henry Priebe Jr DOT " root AT bluemoon DOT net
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 13:45:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: (erielack) Re: Fwd: EL Mail List Digest V3 #3318 STEEL
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On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 wrote:

> To Brad, SMT, and List;
> I also found the Mahoning Div. post about the Steel Mill yard work VERY
> interesting. Clear and concise.
> Tabor's Vol. one mentions that Republic, at Abbott Road, Buffalo, was
> the DL&W's 2nd biggest customer.
> So there must have been a lot of un-listed moves between E. Buffalo
> yard, and them.
> Tabor lists the local freights for the east: the M&E, the NY Division,
> the S&U, but "forgot" the area
> at the west end out of Buffalo; or most likely he just didn't have any
> data.
> Anybody KNOW where and how, iron ore came from the lakers (boats) from
> the waterfront into Abbott Road? We do know where the coal and coke
> came from, or do we?

Charlie & list,

The Republic work was handled out of the DL&W's Abbott Rd Yard, but there was
plenty of transfer traffic between there and the E. Buffalo Yard.

Republic had their own ore docks right at the plant on the Buffalo River. I
don't know if DL&W ever handled ore trains to the plant, but I know not to say

RepublicSteel_aerial_pre1952-2.jpg is an aerial that shows an ore freighter
docked at Republic, photographer and date unknown, but it was shot before the
"new" South Park Ave lift bridge over the Buffalo River was built in 1952. I
have included another pre-1952 aerial that shows more of the Abbott Rd Yard.

As for coke, the Donner-Hanna coke ovens were basically on-site for Republic,
just on the other side of the DL&W tracks.

> West of the Buffalo psgr. station, we also know that coal was dumped;
> and also that LCL and other freight was consigned in and out of Lake
> St. Perry St, and Columbia frt houses, etc.
> I would ASSUME, and I know that this is dangerous, that if the company
> "scheduled" roustabouts in other areas, that they LIKELY scheduled
> similar work in this area, too.

That's a pretty safe assumption.

> Must have been a busy stretch of railroad, what with B&O, WAB, NKP,
> Psgr trains, and BCK and PRR traffic "interfering" at their crossings.

Very busy before the merger, but the DL&W didn't cross the BCK at grade after
they built their new Buffalo River bridges in 1915, it went over them just
west of the Buffalo River crossing. After the grade crossing elimination
project and the construction of DL&W Terminal in the early 20th century,
DL&W's only outside impediments to traffic on their City Branch were the PRR
crossing at DM, the Buffalo River bridges and street traffic in the terminal
area downtown. I'm sure it was a very busy stretch of RR. There was also
interchange with the PRR at DM and NKP and NYC at Smith St across the river
from Republic Steel. It must have been rockin' stretch of RR during WWII.


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