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From: Dlw1el2 AT aol DOT com
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 23:04:35 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: (erielack) KW/Croxton - Train Register - 6/15/1973
EXIF Image Description: Croxton Map
"Map_of_Croxton_Yard.jpg" - image/jpeg, 4400x3400 (24bit)

I had mentioned to Mike that unless there is a specific question there is
way to much to even start discussing these sheets via the key board. He
did mention a good map would be helpful to those not familiar with Croxton.
List member Bill Sheppard 35 years ago produced this excellent schematic
for one of his track diagram books. Enclosed is a scan of a blow up, that
I use to love to show the NS guys at Croxton, just to show them what little
was left from what once was.

Bob Bahrs

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kw_east_6_15_73_first_trick.jpg (image/jpeg, 2000x2104 419243 bytes, BF:
10.04 ppb)
kw_east_6_15_73_second_trick.jpg (image/jpeg, 2000x2104 425448 bytes, BF:
9.89 ppb)
kw_east_6_15_73_third_trick.jpg (image/jpeg, 2000x2104 398087 bytes, BF:
10.57 ppb)
kw_west_6_15_73_first_trick.jpg (image/jpeg, 2000x2104 409868 bytes, BF:
10.27 ppb)
kw_west_6_15_73_second_trick.jpg (image/jpeg, 2000x2104 504904 bytes, BF:
8.33 ppb)
kw_west_6_15_73_third_trick.jpg (image/jpeg, 1988x2082 394734 bytes, BF:
10.49 ppb)


Here are the entries for June 15th, 1973.

Mike Riley


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Image Description   Croxton Map
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Image Digitized Date   2013:12:15 22:48:54
Make   Epson
Model   Perfection3200

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