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From: "David Monte Verde" david AT gvtrail DOT com
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 21:19:20 -0500
Subject: DL&W 1505 and other trains at the concrete pole at Pocono Summit
"Pocono_Summit_Lackawanna_812.jpg" - image/jpeg, 640x424 (24bit)

Sending the photo of the 1505 out at POCONO SUMMIT started some feedback;
Mike noticed that in the 1505 photo that there appears to be a color
position light in place on the e/b track that 1505 is on. A question that
this brings up is: are the lower quadrasnt signals all facing east for w/b
trains and were these 3 track signaled in both directions? Check that stack
of employee ttbls guys.

I then started looking through my other Pocono Summit photos and I found the
attached with the unique Lackawanna cast concrete pole line still in right
up through the Conrail detours over our DL in 1996. The Lackawanna Phoebe
Snow with 812 on the point passing the concrete pole, the signal bridge
gone, through the photo of the EL's Phoebe obs passing the pole westbound.

I love the 1505 photo, it looks like a DL company auditor, with his tools of
the trade in hand, leaving Pocono Summit depot catching a limited back to
Cedar Street, or 'oboken. Notice the branch that diamonds the house track
and goes over to an ice pond and where the WB&E, across from their Pocono
summit grade wye track also served the same ice house.
See the top map and a few more photos in the next email.

David J. Monte Verde


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