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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT optonline DOT net
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 00:35:23 -0500
Subject: Bachmann HO scale Decapod - review and photo
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Howdy folks,

As promised, I got my Bachmann Decapod - I purchased an undec
(to be lettered for NYS&W) and picked up an Erie one for a buddy of
mine. The link within this message contains a quick scan I did of the
Erie version.

Let's start with the Erie version, shall we? :)

It's done up as Erie #2461, and features most of the correct
details for that number, from what I can tell. This particular model has
the high-mounted headlight with the centered numberplate (IMHO, UGLY!)
Unfortunately, most of the Erie high-headlight J-2s had the numberboard
hung off the headlight bottom, and the smokebox front was completely
"bald." If you want the centered headlight version, go with the undec.
Lettering is pretty good - it seems a tad bit on the heavy side (font
weight), and the Erie roadname seems slightly too large, but otherwise
is fairly close ("more than acceptable," as I'd say :) It even uses the
correct older-style Erie diamond. The smokebox is graphited, and the
running boards *and* driver tires are white-edged - VERY nice! Cab
figures are painted, too. There are two large plugs to connect the
engine and tender (a lot of that is for DCC). Tender detailing is modest
but satisfactory (the tenders were plain to begin with!). The only other
thing in the box are Andrews trucks to go under the tender if the
modeler wants to change 'em from the stock arch-bar variety.

On to the undec... It comes painted the same was as the Erie,
sans lettering or white edging. (to correct it for NYS&W, the cab roof
needs to be painted oxide red, and if you're a real stickler, the black
boiler needs to have a slight "blue" tinge to it to simulate the
"Russian iron" color). Conveniently, this kit comes with two smokebox
fronts (centered or high headlight), three different types of headlight
castings for front and back, a doghouse for the tender (Frisco, I
think?), and the two different styles of tender trucks. Of note: The
undec body comes with two ladders alongside the boiler near the sanddome
(easily removed), and the tender comes with "tall steps" at the front
(not quite what the Erie had, but these appear to have the ability to be
easily removed)

Notes about performance: This thing is HEAVY for a small engine
(and the Russian Decs were tiny in comparison to other road's 2-10-0s,
such as the Pennsy's I-1 class) - it's almost entirely cast (the cab
being plastic). It runs like a Swiss watch! Compared to my Sunset brass
Erie Dec (purchased around 12 years ago now!), it puts the brass model
to shame.

Recommendation? Get one - the decorated version is quite nice,
if you're one of the people who doesn't mind the high (and less common)
headlight on the front. It does a great job representing the "small
huskiness" of these beasts - it really puts these engines into
perspective, size-wise.

- Paul



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