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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT comcast DOT net
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 23:20:01 -0500
Subject: RE: (erielack) Painting oddities continued...
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Mike Oravec wrote:

>Regarding (EL 167361), I saw this car in the storage line at Rutherford
>(PA) yard where it sat for several years. From my notes it was
>(PNTD-MDV-7-63-SW). I'm guessing SW means Sherwin Williams. One other
>modeling note on this car, the left 'DOOR SECURED DO NOT OPEN'.

"SW" was Sherwin Williams, and I've also seen "PPG" (PPG Paint) and "GLD"

Since that car was such an early repaint into the red scheme, I'm guessing
they just decided to carry over the Roman lettering from the gray scheme

>Another early painting variation was nesting the 'E' in a black field on
>the logo while only having EL in the reporting marks (and no Erie
>Lackawanna spelled out on the side). Essentially this was a copy of the
>standard Erie box car lettering scheme. Does anyone have other examples
>of this in their collection?

Here's the only other photo I've seen of this scheme (almost, the EL diamond
doesn't have a black center). EL 85695 demonstrates the same characteristics
- neatly-done squares of freight boxcar red paint covering up the old
logos/lettering, and EL markings applied. Note that the typeface for the
"EL" in the reporting marks is different - my shot shows a standard Roman
typeface, while the shot Mike references shows an extended (wider) Roman
"EL." Another example of the chaos in the early years of EL repaints.

>Finally, there were the former BX cars. We're all familiar with the
>maroon and gray cars which were well photographed. There were also a
>number of these BX cars painted in Meadville which came in the standard
>freight box car color. When these got renumbered into the freight car
>pool, many (maybe all) simply had EL and their new numbers applied (no
>logo and no EL name). These would be easy to miss and even pass on, to
>save your film for something more interesting.

I have this shot of EL 50480, one of the former GMY cars, taken by Larry De
Young that shows it in another unique scheme - boxcar red with NO logo or
roadname. It appears to be a "quickie" paint job, since the stencil
"fingers" (the gaps in the roadnumbers) haven't been touched up. This is the
only shot I have of one of these cars in red paint. Anyone have any others?
For that matter, does anyone know the complete number series of these in EL

Oh yes, I'll finish off with another "painting oddity" - this one a caboose.
It's a one-of-a-kind - based on photo dates, this appears to have been the
first former DL&W "Keyser Valley" caboose repainted into the GMY scheme
(four ex-Erie bay-windows preceded this paint job). Perhaps they were trying
to get the look "right" on a cupola carbody, and this first one was an

Anyhoo, items to note:

* The number is "863", not "C863" - and that number is WHITE, not yellow.
* There's a maroon/white EL diamond centered on the band (and based on
calculations from sizing the photo, this appears to be a standard 34"
Scotchlite nose decal meant for road diesels)

This caboose appeared to be based out of Hornell on local trains.

- Paul


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