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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT comcast DOT net
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 18:00:46 -0500
Subject: Painting oddities... the covered hoppers
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Let's move on to something that had quite a few "oddities" in the group...
the covered hopper fleet.

Here's a start...

20013 was the ONLY EL cylindrical covered hopper to be repainted into full
gray paint (this is the car the ELHS has released in HO scale as an
exclusive item). I'm not sure, but was this the car that fell off the
Portage Viaduct due to harmonic "rocking?" Perhaps that was the reason for
the repaint...

21893 was the only known 21800-series Greenville 3-bay covered hopper to
receive red paint (which, if memory serves, was supposed to designate soda
ash service?). And of course, this oddity-of-a-car lasted WELL into Conrail
years wearing its EL paint (I have a shot taken in 1984). It's for this
reason I lobbied (happily, with success) Athearn to release it as part of
its latest batch of EL 2893's.

21301 was one of the few PS-2 2600 cu. ft. 2-bay covered hoppers that was
repainted, this into the later gray "Safety First" scheme. Note the single
logo, and widely-spaced lines on the roadname. Thanks to Ray Threlfall for
this shot.

21309 is another PS-2 2600 repaint (thanks to Tony Horn for this shot) with
a single logo (and the roadname crammed down by the reporting marks). Note
that this is yet another EL covered hopper in soda ash service - did almost
all the covered hoppers (besides the grain service ones) have examples in
soda ash service?

21352 is one of the few ACF 2970s to be repainted (I have a Ben Bartlett
photo of one other that I'll post with his permission). Like the
21300-series, these cars seemed to have pretty good paint, and many of both
classes survived late into Conrail (early 1990s) with their EL lettering

45602 is a rare catch. I first saw this car in Larry De Young's "EL in Color
Vol. 3" - it's pictured at Taylor Yard on an inbound Bloomsburg Branch
train. The EL apparently had a small fleet (I seem to remember 10 cars?) of
leased Airside single-bay covered hoppers, and this is the only known photo
I've seen of a plain-jane EL car (I've seen photos of other EL cars with
"International Multifoods" lettering on them, with EL reporting marks). All
of these apparently went to the D&H after CR day. Anyone else have a photos
of one of these?

There was a bit of small, infrequent variations in the paint jobs of the
2-bay gray hopper variations (I have several examples from Ben Bartlett that
I'll share with his permission? :)

More variations to follow....

- Paul


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