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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 18:05:24 -0500
Subject: Re: (erielack) Mountain View Tower
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With all of the discussion regarding interlocking plants on the Lackawanna, particularly at Mt. View, I checked the DL&W list of Officers, Agents, Stations, Equipment, Facilities, Etc. issued April 1st, 1911. I've scanned the relevant pages. It does show the Mt. View interlocking as being operated and maintained by the DL&W and a freight connection with the Erie at that location.

A 1935 version of the DL&W list of Officers... shows neither a freight nor a passenger connection at Mt. View - scans also attached.


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From: Montgomery, Edward T
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Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008 10:45 PM
Subject: RE: (erielack) Mountain View Tower


Looking at the picture in the September 2009 ELHS calendar, there was quite a lot of manual operation at the crossing with derails on all tracks. There is also a dwarf signal present at the approach to the crossing. Mountain View Tower was a 24 hour operation. It probably required a signal maintainer as well as an operator. Plus it controlled switches as far away as Montville. It is interesting to note that when the crossing was automated, all of the derail precautions were removed. The "clearing area" for Lackawanna trains-the section of trackage that would activate a clear signal at the crossing extended east to around Totowa Road - near where Cooperative Concrete was, and west to a location west of Towaco; probably necessitated by the 70 mph speed limit on the Boonton Line. The clearing area for the Erie was from around Fairfield Road on the east side and the Mack Molding on the west.

Ed Montgomery

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Subject: RE: (erielack) Mountain View Tower

>Your comments about the PUC and the possibility of a collision at the crossing is interesting. I checked timetables over the years and Erie and DL&W seemed to leave a lot of space between when their trains would hit the diamond.
My correction. According to a letter from E.T Drew secretary of NJ P.U.C to GM of the D, L & W-W.G. White, dated 2/19/1954 he mentioned specifically Erie train # 517 and # 527 and Lackawanna trains #1047 and # 1067. His remarks were "These schedules should be modified if necessary to prevent delays at the grade crossing." This was mentioned due to the manual control of the interlocking was to be eliminated and the automatic interlocking may be the cause of delays. Thanks Ed for bringing that to my attention.

Fred Stratton
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