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From: JJordan eltrainmaster AT copper DOT net
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 21:50:22 -0500
Subject: Re: (erielack) Express train color
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The Union Pacific sleeper car was undoubtably for one of the Harriman
family who lived in Tuxedo, New York. They had at least three members of
the family on the Union Pacific Board of Directos and at least one on the
Erie BOD. Family members were always assigned a sleeper or business car to
travel west for meetings and east for the return. In fact, one business
car, the "Arden" named for a station on the Erie RR, was assigned to Averal
Harriman , who was Chairman of the UP. They would put his car on a Chicago
to Jersey City train on the Erie to take him home to Tuxedo, NY and then
send the car to Jersey City for servicing and then park teh car next to the
Tuxedo station for his next return. The "Arden" has been rebuilt twice
since the days of the Erie RR and still is on the UP roster.

-Joe Jordan
Train Nut Central

At 06:48 PM 12/26/05 -0500, Joseph A. Braun wrote:
>["Could the same be said of Erie trains travelling from Chicago to New
>Jersey? Would there have been foreign road express cars in the mix? Thanks
>inadvance. Andy Cole Westminster MD"]
>Andy, I'll throw in one more interesting option for color -- but at the
>opposite end of the train. In the early fifties, I used to regularly pedal
>down in the evening to the mainline station in Glen Rock to catch Erie #2
>rolling through. On one occasion it carried a UP sleeping car (Armour
>Yellow in NJ!) in lieu of the Erie Chicago-NY one and on another occasion
>the sleeper was a Santa Fe stainless steel one. I presume the replacements
>were the same 10 Roomette-6 Dbl Bedroom configuration. Probably servicing
>problems or radical schedule miscues necessitated the replacements. The
>ATSF makes sense as both roads used Dearborn. The UP sleeper is more of a
>On a related note, I heard a rumor from the educated adults I spoke with at
>the time that the Santa Fe was talking with the Erie about a through sleeper
>to the East Coast via Erie. I don't know if that rumor was true but it is
>true that I heard the rumor.
>Joe Braun
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