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From: Donald Liotta donliotta AT comporium DOT net
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2015 20:01:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: (erielack) C3296-C3300 Finalized.
"ShickshinnySouthFromDLWDepot.jpg" - image/jpeg, 1116x699 (24bit)

I’d feel pretty sure about it, Bob. Here’s a Google Earth snapshot from the DL&W Depot looking south (the white line represents where the Bloom went). Mountain profiles match pretty well.

Don Liotta

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From: "Robert Bahrs"
To: "A new EL list"
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2015 12:47:57 AM
Subject: (erielack) C3296-C3300 Finalized.

There will always be photo's that just don't show enough for any of us
living to properly ID them. In over a hundred years a lot of things can
change. As a group we have successfully IDed a tremendous amount of these
daily postings that were either wrong or marked as unknown, and that's a
credit to all that have contributed. I look at each one as a daily
challenge to get this one time posting right. I especially feel obligated
to get a photo right when there is a lot showing. With that said, I'll say
there is one photo that has bugged me for over two years because so much is
showing, but yet the first time through we were not able to properly get
the location right. That being C3300 and these associated photo's. I have
never forgotten it, and recently went back to it for the third time. I
suppose I could have asked Pat to pull C3300 and zoom in on the distant
station sign, but he's a busy man, so I started with trying to eliminate
certain locations.

I have to thank Doug and Charlie our S&U guys for pretty much ruling out to
me those two branches. With that in mind, that only left the Bloom, which
is not one of my strong points having only been along it in the mid 1970s
when the Fs were running over it. So, I started again, buy listing the
stations that had water tanks, and cattle shoots. This narrowed it down to
about a half dozen, and some I knew were definitely not this location,
Working south, I ruled out Nanticoke. That brought me to Shickshinny.
Working with a faded Val map, with a lot of colored pencil marking all over
it, I was able to confirm a water tank across from the station, and a water
plug between the tracks, with the siding having a little bulge in it to
accommodate it. There was also a small mill at what is listed as Spurce St,
which appears in several of these shots. I started feeling pretty good,
and then confirmed the curvature the tracks first took at each end of town.
That matched what is shown in the photos. While doing that I noticed that
the pole line crossed over the tracks from one side to the other just north
of town. That two showed in the photo's. WOW. I'll call the final piece
of the puzzle digging out a photo of Shickshinny. The tinny peak over the
ticket office, Train order boards, and centered chimney all matched what is
shown in C3300.

*So with that said, I'm saying C3296-C3300 are all at Shickshinny, PA.*
C3296 looks north
C3297 looks south
C3298 looks north
C3299 looks west across the tracks
C3300 looks south .

So, if there are any Bloom experts out there, I would appreciate a yea, or
nay on my findings, other wise that's my* final answer.*

Bob Bahrs

PS, Now to figure out where signal B121 is. :(
(erielack) Steamtown Images--September 12, 2013 (C3296 thru C3300)

- *Subject*: *(erielack) Steamtown Images--September 12, 2013 (C3296
thru C3300)*
- *From*: *"McKnight, Richard" >*
- Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 07:02:00 -0400


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C3296.jpg (image/jpeg, 2970x2307 821996 bytes, BF: 8.34 ppb)
C3297.jpg (image/jpeg, 2994x2307 789722 bytes, BF: 8.75 ppb)
C3298.jpg (image/jpeg, 2994x2307 828336 bytes, BF: 8.34 ppb)
C3299.jpg (image/jpeg, 2994x2307 627595 bytes, BF: 11.01 ppb)
C3300.jpg (image/jpeg, 2980x2249 991424 bytes, BF: 6.76 ppb)


Please find attached the following negatives:

C3296--Unknown location--Freight cars unloading--[1916.03.17]
C3297--Unknown location--Freight cars and facilities, snow--[1916.03.17]
C3298--Unknown location--Freight cars and facilities, snow--[1916.03.17]
C3299--Unknown location--Freight cars and facilities, snow--[1916.03.17]
C3300--Unknown location--Freight cars and facilities, snow--[1916.03.17]

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