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From: "David" david AT gvtrail DOT com
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 14:13:42 -0500
Subject: FW: 1947 Train Ride on Dansville Hill
"DL_W1154_4-6-4_on_Lackawanna_Ltd_near_Dansville_NY_06-1938.jpg" - image/jpeg, 960x427 (24bit)

In difference to that stated below the Lackawanna climbed an eastbound grade
out of the Genesee River Valley from Mt Morris, through Groveland where the
pushers were stationed, through Dansville, and all the way to Wayland
station, where it began a gradual descent towards Bath and the Susquehanna
River watershed. The Dansville Hill grade was the only other pusher district
on the Lackawanna besides west & east out of Scranton, and westbound out of
Gravel Place (Stroudsburg, Pa). Sometimes they also pushed westbounds out of
the Genesee Valley up the Niagara Escarpment from Groveland to/beyond
B&O/BR&P Junction.

In the video
&lr=1 the west leg of
the pusher wye (at the top of the hill at Wayland) is just in front of the
A-B set of F's in the siding. I don't believe that this is a passanger
train, cause the Lackawanna was all double tracked, and there would be no
reason to stop #15 which was the only w/b passenger train on the Buffalo
Division between #7 at 2 AM and #3 The Phoebe Snow at 5 PM. In addition
these units appear to be 600 series F3s, and the passanger F3s were 800's.

Just after the TRAIN OF TOMORROW passes under the two road overpasses (SR 63
Dansville-Wayland and Perkinsville back road) the line does a series of S
curves as it makes a big horseshoe turn into Perkinsville, and then passing
the freight in the siding. Right at the second set of curves past the
overpasses was a mud slide soft area that the Lackawanna could never repair,
and besides the Dansville grade, it was one of the reasons given by the EL
at the ICC hearings why they wanted to cut the DL&W's Buffalo division
between Wayland and Groveland.


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> Subject: FW: 1947 Train Ride on Dansville Hill
> Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 15:15:37 +0000
> We knew about the clip... pics are new. Appear to be magazine or book
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> Subject: FW: 1947 Train Ride on Dansville Hill
> Subject: 1947 Train Ride on Dansville Hill
> Link below to Video clip of GM's 1947 "Train of Tomorrow" stopping at
Dansville, NY, then proceeding downgrade toward Wayland, where it meets a
DL&W passenger train, waiting in a siding.
> Photo attached of same train on NY Central in Rochester.
> 2nd photo shows DL&W passenger train, powered by a 4-6-4 steam locomotive,
on Dansville Hill about 1938. Location of this pic is also visible in the
video clip.
> Because of steep grade, rail line over Dansville Hill was abandoned by E-L
in the early 1960's; track removed between Wayland & Groveland, NY.
> Chip


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