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From: Tim Stuy njmidland AT verizon DOT net
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 18:34:21 -0500
Subject: The current Diamond and the 1961 fan trip
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I just finished reading the current issue of the Diamond. I really enjoyed
the article on the June 4, 1961 fan trip that went to Maybrook then down
the L&HR to Andover Jct. then out the Old Road to East Stroudsburg and then
back to Hoboken via the Cutoff. These articles are great, especially since
we get to see photos of locations not often photographed.

It is interesting to think about the dining car offering lunch and dinner
on these trips. I picture timing lunch while riding through the Manunka
Chunk tunnels and over the Delaware on the Old Road. The possibilities of
"rare mileage dining" must have been fun.

While I could not find the menus from this specific trip, here are the
lunch and dinner menus from a trip on June 8, 1963 trip to Northumberland.
Most of these fan trips had special menus printed up for them and the
choices varied on each trip. From the small amount of dining car
department records that I have been able to find it appears they actually
made a little money on these fan trips, something certainly not true on the
regularly scheduled passenger trains.



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