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From: "Daniel G DOT McFadden" dan DOT mcfadden AT gmail DOT com
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 17:39:06 -0500
Subject: RE: (erielack) Steamtown Images--December 28, 2013 (C3776 thru C3780)
"19770108-102-FarHills-Resized.jpg" - image/jpeg, 791x1200 (24bit)

I concur that C3779 and C3780 look to be the Gladstone Line looking east
from current day Route 202. Attached is a shot, taken just a few steps away,
of a trusty MU on Saturday January 8, 1977. The EL has been history for a
while but I don't think there is anything to indicate that.

Dan McFadden

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Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2013 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: (erielack) Steamtown Images--December 28, 2013 (C3776 thru

C3776-3778 are what would appear to be in the Keyser Valley Car Shops

C3779- C3780 would appear to be the very distinctive long sweeping curve
coming into Far Hills on the Gladstone Line.
Photo looks east, station is behind the photographer.

Bob Bahrs

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C3776.jpg (image/jpeg, 2998x2298 706694 bytes, BF: 9.75 ppb)
C3777.jpg (image/jpeg, 2876x2298 1062045 bytes, BF: 6.22 ppb)
C3778.jpg (image/jpeg, 2876x2298 814468 bytes, BF: 8.11 ppb)
C3779.jpg (image/jpeg, 2876x2298 904146 bytes, BF: 7.31 ppb)
C3780.jpg (image/jpeg, 2916x2298 932418 bytes, BF: 7.19 ppb)

Please find attached the following negatives:

C3776--DL&W Coal Hoppers and gondola undergoing work--[1916.11.18]
C3777--Shop interior--[1916.11.18]
C3778--DL&W Coal Hoppers undergoing work--[1916.11.18]
C3779--Unknown location--ROW and crossing--[1916.11.22]
C3780--Unknown location--ROW and crossing with shanty--[1916.11.22]

If you have any additional comments on any of these images, let me know and
I will update our database. Also, if any of you would like to assist with
scanning (and are in the Scranton area) I am always happy to sign up new

Patrick McKnight

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