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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT optonline DOT net
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 23:28:49 -0500
Subject: More Scott Lupia layout photos (attached!)
"sl-bridge.jpg" - image/jpeg, 127356 bytes, 1000x652 (124kb)

I was able to stop by Scott Lupia's place to see his layout the day
before Xmas, and what an Xmas treat!

I had my camera with me to share more details of this layout with EL
listers - I shot at F22 (for maximum depth of field), so most of the
photos came out dark (handholding using a built-in flash). Four of them
came out pretty good, and here they are...

If anyone has read the RMC article on Scott's layout, the track plan
shows a U-shaped layout. The "left half" of the layout is unscenicked as
of yet (see "sl-scenicked.jpg"). This image shows a train approaching a
three-track portion that will soon become Nay Aug tunnel.

The "right half" of the layout is detailed and scenicked - an overview
is found at "sl-scenicked.jpg" In the image are lots of neat detail -
the lower left is the imposing Hainesburg Viaduct, and dead center with
the two mainline tracks is Greendell, NJ (note the roof of the station,
concrete road overpass, and scratchbuilt signal bridge in front of it).
What's that bridge going over the tracks there? That's the Sussex Branch
(well, Scott's freelanced version - he says that he "had to get one of
those neat Micro Engineering bridges in there!") Of note is the generous
foliage all over the place, something that is often lacking in many

"sl-manifest.jpg" shows the entire Hainesburg Viaduct structure -
shorter than the prototype but by no means no less impressive! Below the
viaduct lies the Susquehanna. The track at the far left is the DL&W main
- "modeler's license" is used to duck under the bridge, curve around out
of the photo to the right and reappear atop the structure. It works
well! Leading the manifest freight are two of Scott's amazing pieces of
modeling a DL&W Pocono, heavily kitbashed, and an L&HR 2-8-2 (with the
Kato Mikado as a starting point)

Finally, "sl-bridge.jpg" is a low-level view of three Trainmasters
crossing the viaduct. This view shows the NYS&W in much better detail,
including the Hainesburg station.

Some overall notes about Scott's layout:

* Detail!!! In the photos you'll see power lines on all the poles!
There's an abandoned turntable at Hainesburg on the NYS&W, numerous DL&W
mileposts along the right-of-way (MILEPOSTS! In N SCALE!) Relay boxes at
crossings, wire fences with drilled wooden uprights, ballast that's
finer than most HO scale layouts I've seen, it just goes on and on!

* Scott has a tremendous eye for architecture (of course, that being
his job sure must have something to do with it... ;) All structures are
well-proportioned, and if they're not "exactly right," you'd have a hard
time trying to make someone believe that.

* The layout really isn't designed for operation - more for "railfan
running." It's essentially a large double-track folded dogbone, though
the scenery disguises this fact pretty well.

I hope you enjoy these shots - Scott's work is simply magnificent, and
more people should know about it - truly first class. I know that there
are few "de facto standard" N scale layouts, but this one rises to top
this list, IMHO.

Next time, I'm bringing a tripod! Here's hoping for better photos next
time! :)

- Paul



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