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From: "James Harr" bnchmark AT earthlink DOT net
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 15:20:12 -0500
Subject: H16-44 and so on, and so on, and so on....
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Well, greetings EL listers, and a very happy new years to you all...

I have been struggling with a reply to this entire thread... I am surprised,
to say the least, at the volume of traffic this subject has generated...

I have been away for the holidays, and also suffering from various
wintertime maladies, and so have been enjoying (or not, sometimes I can't
tell) this most lively debate from a distance. That doesn't mean that I
don't have anything to say...

First, I offer some photos of the actual model locomotives (see links
below). The first is a stock model - please note the very pronounced angle
to the cab sides; these run down to the walkway, and there is a curved
junction - what is called a fillet. This angle should not be there, but the
fillet should.

The unit just below that one has the angles (we've been calling them 'flared
sides') removed, via a chisel blade and masking tape (to protect the
surrounding surfaces), and the fillets carved in the proper place; touch-up
paint with Polly-Scale Steam Power Black. This unit also displays the
missing handrail on the fireman's side; this was made from .020" brass wire
and some .010 styrene strip. The third image is the same unit with the
handrail painted. [Bill Botkin - I used Polly-Scale UP Armour Yellow - I
think it's a pretty good match. And Joe Jordan, I mentioned previously the
end railing pinholes that are hiding behing the end of the cut levers;
perhaps that's what you're looking for to mount those parts?]

Each of these two modifications took about 20 minutes to accomplish. There
will be more; I will fabricate MU boxes, and I will install Details
Associates Trainmaster drop steps (they look right to me). And I will
weather them.

As I first said in the beginning of December, I think Atlas has done a great
job; yes, they dropped the ball on one thing - the cab sides; they knew
about it yet chose not to do it. They have to live with the flood of
criticism on that one. As regards the sheen of the paint, well, that's a
matter of preference; my personal, as well as professional, opinion is that
this paint is perfect. Let me say this, although it already has been said -
gloss does NOT scale down well... I think Atlas would have been laughed out
of the building had they used gloss paint. They chose wisely...

I will also point you all to two photos; the first, on page 85 of Lackawanna
In Color, by Dave Sweetland (Morning Sun), shows a unit at Bangor. It's a
bit fuzzy, but clear enough to show the RED Danger 600 Volt lettering (and
the yellow Fuel lettering). Combine that view with the image Paul posted
(and which was published in DLW Color Vol. 2), and that's the end of the
argument on that one. Second, for those who lack one, there is a good
fireman's side view in DL & W in the 20th Century, Volume 2, page 651.

I hope that those of you who do appreciate this model for it's strong points
are still enjoying them; I know I am. I'm in heaven ;-)

Happy new years (and new trains!) to everyone!

Jim Harr


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