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From: "Joshua" mail AT joshuakblay DOT com
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 12:07:20 -0500
Subject: Homer Agway/GLF Photos
"homeragwayeastside_12_2000.jpg" - image/jpeg, 1701x1098 (24bit)

I had a few responses to my query so I thought I'd send it to the whole
list. Attached are photos of the Homer, NY Agway, formerly GLF located at
45 and/or 45 1/2 James Street. Looks like it became Agway in 1964/65. The
three color photos were taken by me in December 2000, shortly after the
facility closed. The siding in the rear was originally accessed by a spur
track that ran parallel to the southbound main. This spur ran connected
with the southbound main between James and Cayuga Streets and served the
cattle pen, freight station, GLF, Stafford Coal, and Homer Jones Feed Mills.
It was later tied directly into the former southbound main. The sididng
still exists and is used for MOW storage. The northern most half of the
building with the elevator equipment was removed the following spring I

The black and white photo is from a 1958 area publication, sorry the quality
isn't the best. Closest to camera is the northbound main, then the
southbound main, then the spur line in the weeds. You can clearly see a
little building to the left. Not sure if this was part of a GLF or not, but
I have an aerial photo that shows a boxcar standing next to the building.

Hope this helps/of interest!

Happy New Year



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