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From: "Paul R DOT Tupaczewski" paultup AT comcast DOT net
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2015 15:33:10 -0500
Subject: Denville Audio Clips - Feb 16, 1962
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Being forwarded for Dan McFadden (thanks, Dan!) – enjoy and Happy New Year!

- Paul

From: Daniel McFadden [mailto:dan DOT mcfadden AT gmail DOT com]
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2015 3:10 PM
Subject: Denville Audio Clips - Feb 16, 1962


Attached here are a few more audio clips recorded during my well spent years at Drew University.

A second heavy snow had just arrived when I set out for Denville on February 16, 1962. I did the trip from Madison to Denville and return via MU train with my Norelco reel to reel tape recorder. My notes tell me that I saw 18 trains over a four hour period from the comfy confines of the tower. I recorded selectively and for some reason did not record trains such as the Old Road Drill, HB-1 (6511+6512 with 33 cars) or Number Five (810+812+819 with 15 cars) but here is what I did record. I also taped some tower chit-chat which is not included here. In the tower that night besides me were tower man Jimmy Morris, local railfan George MacLean, and another railroad man I met just this once – I have his name as Dangerfield and he might have had something to do with the electrical dept – he mentions the wire train. Maybe he was there for possible power problems? Does anyone know of a Dangerfield on the railroad?

The first clip has two trains, the first being Beckers Milk going down the Morristown Line – Train 1042 with RS unit 913 and 7 cars (3 milk + 4 psgr). Once the crossing bell stops, listen for two clicks, the gate controllers being moved to neutral. Some tower conversation can also be faintly heard even though the mike has been hung outside a window. The second train is train 1033, the last passenger train for the night up the Boonton Line; it has RS 952 and two cars. Just before the train moves out, you will hear the communication whistle and then the rush of steam as the trainman opens the steam line (that was always a nice sight at night, especially in the snow).

The second clip has three segments. First we hear tower man Jimmy Morris Os’ing several trains. Next we hear a train order involving the L&HR; three people are heard here, the dispatcher, tower man Morris whispering to me, and the Dover Tower man, Walter Hellriegel. It is not clear to me why the Dover tower man is involved but that is the strong voice heard at the end. It is a bit of a surprise to me to know that the L&HR was using the Sussex Branch at this date. Finally, we hear east bound MU, train 646; again you can hear the gate controllers being moved as the train departs.

Finally, a strange one but one that may have some interest. The Denville Tower was heated by means of a coal furnace in the basement. As we all know, a coal fire requires attention and for some reason, I thought that neat to record. I believe it was good etiquette for a tower man to leave a good fire for his relief and this was near the end of Jimmy’s second trick (3:30 PM to 11:30 PM). Finally, we listen in to the block line where the Dover Towerman OS’s a number of trains (I posted this segment several years back so many of you will already have heard this).

In the attached picture, “my seat” is to the right of the fire extinguisher, where I could take in all the conversation (and stay out of the way!).

Happy New Year All!

Dan McFadden


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