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From: "Paul S DOT Luchter" luckyshow AT mindspring DOT com
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 02:14:52 -0500
Subject: New York and Brooklyn Bridge Railroad
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Here is a jpg from a scan from a copy from a microfilm of the Brooklyn
Daily Eagle 12/12/1892=20

("for two zoo zim", why did she have to swallow the fly?....oh sorry...)

This was a particularly interesting page in that Sunday edition. An
article on expansion plans for the Kings County Railroad (the El in
Brooklyn). An article on the repaving of the pedestrian promenade on the
Brooklyn Bridge and the temporary pedestrian way "on top of the iron
structure over the north railroad track", Five feet higher than the
regular foot path.

And the main large article that this table comes from, that of the
Corbin's plan for a tunnel from Flatbush Avenue terminal to Jersey City
passing under and serving Manhattan south of City Hall as well....more
on this in the next message with the map from this report.

Here we see the 10 year figures for the passengers carried over the
bridge by the 6000 foot long New York & Brooklyn Bridge Railroad,
between Sands street Station in Kings County and Park Row Terminal in
It began running in 1883 and in 1892 was a cable operated train, using
steam locomotives to pull the cars from station to the cables before the
bridge; steam only was also used at late hours and when the cable was

in 1896 electric motors replaced the steam on each end for switching and
bringing the cars to the cable, using a third rail. The Brooklyn Union
Elevated and the Kings County Railroad leased trackage rights in 1897,
Myrtle Avenue cars and Fulton El cars running over the bridge in 1898.
But I think the bridge part wasn't electrified until 190 by the BRT. The
cable cars ran until 1908, the ten foot wide cars scrapped or sold...too
wide for the El. I think some may have survived, maybe I read that

Corbin used this chart of traffic between Brooklyn and New York to show
some of the business to be tapped by his on the eastern portion of his
proposed tunnel.


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