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From: "Paul S DOT Luchter" luckyshow AT mindspring DOT com
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:41:36 -0500
Subject: Staten Island Terminal of the Municipal Ferry 1906
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Here we have a schematic of the new 1906 Municipal Ferry Terminal at St.
George, Staten island, New York City.

This is from an advertising page from the Sunday, December 9, 1906 New
York Times. I am sorry it was impossible to make a good copy of the
picture of this terminal, the microfilming of the newspaper color photos
is notoriously and famously awful-that most of these original newspapers
were thrown away is regrettable. All the color magazine and newspaper
photos, fashion drawings, cartoons, etceteras are lost for all time
because of this. This particular microfilmed page made a muddy mess of
the Terminal ferry slip side photo and the lightest I could print it was
inefficient for viewing purposes.

Suffice it to say it was a classic turn of the century style copper
clad structure, very similar to those at the DL&W terminal at Hoboken,
no doubt because it was being built at this date (it wasn't opened yet)
by The Snare & Triest Company, Contractors. Quoting the photo's caption,
"This well-known contracting company is also building the new terminal
for the Lackawanna Railroad at Hoboken; new subway station at the New
York end of the Williamsburg Bridge, and also many other important
contracts in the United States and Cuba."

What is neat when you go back and read the original sources is that
everything old is new again. Is the subway station the subway-trolley
station at Delancey, now called Essex Street? A good example of this
type of terminal surviving today is the old ferry terminal just north of
the current Staten Island Ferry Terminal in Manhattan, last used for
ferries to Governors Island.

I do not know when this 1906 Staten Island terminal was redone into
the dull terminal of today in St. George, nor if it followed the plan
here of half of it past the bulkhead (similar to in Hoboken).

I do know that the current Staten Island Rapid Transit part of this
terminal is probably a remnant of this building, as it has old fashioned
tiles, though I do not know for sure. That would be the tracks on the
left; the North side passenger service (tracks and platform on the
right) was discontinued sometime in the mid 1950s, I don't know the
exact date, nor that for the ending of the trolley on Staten Island.
I will recap the ferry service from St. George: The Staten Island
Ferry from Whitehall Street to St. George was run by the Staten island
Rapid Transit (B&O) 1816 to 1905, by the City of New York 1906 to
present, which also ran a ferry from Whitehall Street to Stapleton
(north of St George I believe) 1909 to 1913.
The Brooklyn and Richmond Ferry (69th Street Ferry) ran from 69th
Street in Brooklyn (north of the present Verrezzano Bridge) to St.
George. Brooklyn and Richmond Ferry Company 1912 to 1939, Electric
Ferries company 1939-1954 [diesel electric, one ran to Governors Island
until a few years ago, and possibly one is a restaurant now at Fort Lee]
and the City of New York 1954 to 1964 (when I actually rode on it).
There was also the New York Bay Ferry from 39th Street in Brooklyn (the
South Brooklyn RR terminal?) to St. George, run by the City of New York
1924 to 1926.
There were 4 other Staten island Ferries: Tottenville (at the
southern terminal of the SIRT) to Perth Amboy [Staten Island Railway
1867-1948, Sunrise Ferries 1948-1963) One of these ferries was seen
sinking off Perth Amboy for years, it is gone now, though the remains of
the dock/berth in Tottenville are still there. The Bergen Point Ferry
1876 to 1962, Port Richmond to Bayonne [Port Richmond and Bergen Point
Ferry Co. 1876-1937, Electric Ferries 1937-1945, Port Richmond Ferry Co.
1946 to 1948, Kill van Kull Ferry Co. "and others" 1948-1962]. There was
the Howland Hook Ferry, Howland Hook to Elizabethport [NJ and Staten
Island Ferry Co. 1896-1932, Sunrise Ferries 1932-1961. Lastly the
Carteret Ferry 1916 to 1929 . Between Linoleumville (which has a
freight branch of the SIRT) and Carteret


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