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From: "Paul S DOT Luchter" luckyshow AT mindspring DOT com
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 21:43:13 -0500
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OK, I looked up the article about knocking down the power plant. Then in
another article I saw that the property to be used for the new
Waldorf-Astoria also had a 7 story Railroad YMCA, the "Boiler Room & [,y
writing here is illegible, it started with "Bat..."] Works of the NY
Central"-that would be the Power Plant that was moved to GCT proper and
opened a few months later; there was a 7 story (most original buildings
on park after 1912 were seven stories) Adams Express Building (through a
merger the American Express before it was demolished; and finally the
fourth structure was the New York Central Car Service Department which
was to move to Buffalo after it was soon demolished (this is all in

Car Service-if that meant rail cars, well I figured there was working
room below, or maybe for the Express Company....

The power plant was supplying electricity and steam to all the buildings
on park Avenue and constructed on the huge many block bridge..there
were two huge chimneys between the power plant and the Y...

But before I had to dig deeper into these buildings I found this
article: September 8, 1929 Section XII, page 1, column 8.


The special elevator that would take private rail car arrivers "directly
to their suites or the lobby"

Read about it in this attachment, a jpg made from a scan of a copy of
the microfilm copy.....


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