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From: "Paul S DOT Luchter" luckyshow AT mindspring DOT com
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 01:52:31 -0400
Subject: Raymond Loewy LIRR shelter
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Here is a scan of a 1948 picture of a Raymond Loewy designed Long Island
Rail Road shelter from an article in the New York Times:

He had a long history with the Pennsylvania RR, owners of the LIRR

Raymond Loewy designed Studebaker cars up to and including the 1961
Avanti, he designed the famous Coke bottle (actually he only redesigned
it in 1954-the enamel lettering instead of the embossing-but even the
Encyclopedia Britannica says he designed the original), the S-1 PRR
locomotive, the T-1, the GG-1, the Greyhound bus, Air Force One, the
Lucky Strike cigarette pack, Exxon and Shell logos, the Space Shuttle,
Skylab, the Saltines cracker box for Nabisco, Coldspot refrigerator,
the redsigned Roanoke station, the paint design for the Cleveland PCC
cars, those original Coca Cola vending machines,...

His first assignment for the PRR was to design new trash receptacles for
Pennsylvania Station in NYC, I wonder if any still exist?

Below are links to pictures (and info) on his designs for the R-1, P-5a,
GG-1, T-1, S-1 and other stuff he did:

For GG-1 (my favorite locomotive excepting those real cute 0-4-0's on
the NY Elevated Rail Road),see:

For PRR T-1 see:

For good picture of S-1, discussion of Broadway Limited observation car,
and short biography of Henry Dreyfuss who designed the streamlined art
deco NY Central trains, see:

For more on the the PRR S-1, the first PRR duplex-drive loco see:

See his earlier classic deco PRR K4S at:

For pictures of all his cars designed for Studebaker, the Coke soda
fountain dispenser and a profile of the GG-1 in its Tuscan Red glory,
along with an odd discussion comparing Steve Job to Koewy, see:
The car pictures are great...

You probably all know about this one, the GG-1 home page:

I couldn't find a picture of his silent trash can...

Loewy designed the cowlings, the exterior design of the engines, the
first was a redesigned electric P-5, the first wholly designed engine
was the R-1, here is a picture:

Here is an O-1, the first PR electric, notice the non-streamlined lines:

On this page, the second picture down is Loewy's redesign of the P-5a,
note that the lines are not too far from the later GG-1:

For Coke vending machines see:
e4.html there are 6 of them), these are very cool

here is a sketch of John Lennon by Raymond Loewy:

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