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From: "Paul S DOT Luchter" luckyshow AT mindspring DOT com
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 23:46:05 -0400
Subject: Port Authority of NY Jamaica Bay Rail Link, 1929 . . .
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Proposed Project for Port Authority of New York to build rail link to =
Jamaica Bay in 1929!

Here we have a map from NY Times Wednesday, November, 27,1929. This was =
part of a long article about a project to landfill in Jamaica Bay for =
what would today be called an Industrial Park. A rail link would be =
necessary. But..."A preliminary survey of the industrial development =
such a line might serve indicates real potentialities in the way of =
future development but inadequate traffic at the present time to make =
such a line self-sustaining in the beginning.
"Since the line will not pay until there are adequate industries =
located in this region, and since an adequate number of industries will =
probably not locate there until better transportation facilities are =
provided, and since it would be of the interest of the borough of =
Brooklyn and the port as a whole to develop this section, and since it =
is our understanding that a railroad company cannot be (convinced to =
build an unprofitable line)," it was proposed that the Port Authority =
build the rail link.

Unlike PATH in the future, though, this line would be built with =
public funds but then leased to the LIRR.

The "link" would branch off the NY Connecting RR just east of where the =
Canarsie RR (& New Lots Jct.) crossed that LIRR line.

A glimpse of the branch to Manhattan Beach can be seen heading south at =
left of map.

I didn't notice any mention of passengers on this projected rail link.

It never happened. Floyd Bennett Airport on this map is closed and part =
of a wildlife sanctuary today, as are the little marshy islands, never =
extended or developed, in Jamaica Bay. JFK International Airport =
actually is on some landfill near where it says East Island, to the NE.

Paul Luchter


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