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From the Springfield (MO) News Leader...

May 12, 2002
Train depot gets face-lift
Volunteers spend Community Caring Day in Hollister.

By Jennifer Renner

HOLLISTER =97 The day before Mother=92s Day is generally reserved
for those last-minute shoppers trying to find the perfect gift for mom.

Around 75 volunteers from area nonprofit organizations had a
different agenda.

Saturday was Community Caring Day at the Hollister Chamber of

The Chamber, nestled in the heart of Hollister, is in the
original train depot. The historical building has deteriorated
some over the years. The red caboose kids play on outside the
building is marred by graffiti.

The veranda covering benches and soda machines has a ceiling
that has seen better days. The windows and doors leak. Inside,
officials said the depot could use some new paint and a major

spring cleaning.

=93Nothing has been done to the chamber in five years,=94 said Amy
Bogue-Gray, administrator of the Chamber of Commerce.

Volunteers from Branson Believers spent Saturday putting plants
outside, taking gravel out and putting moss in, painting the
inside, fixing windows and doors, repairing ceilings and
repainting the caboose, which signifies the importance of
the long-standing train station to the Hollister community.

The Branson Believers is a nonprofit organization that gets
businesses from Branson, Forsyth, Hollister, Reeds Spring
and Kimberling City to take a day off from work in August
to help a nonprofit organization such as the Church Army
in Branson or the Youth Life of Taney County.

In return, the nonprofit organizations get together in the
spring to work on a project to help the local communities.

=93We send volunteers to work on projects and other groups
send volunteers to help us,=94 said Sylvia Moore, a member
of the Branson Senior Center.

Dave Cook is on the committee for Branson Believers.

=93We get together to decide which project gets done each
spring,=94 said Cook. =93Last year it was in Branson, the
year before that it was in Forsyth. Next year it will
be in Kimberling City.=94

The Branson Believers supplies the manpower for the spring
project and the host city supplies the tools and equipment

The part that amazes people the most, Cook said, is that
there is no financing for the Branson Believers. If something
needs to be paid for, the members of the committee will chip
in and pay for it.

Area merchants supplied items such as water, doughnuts,
pizza and soft drinks for the volunteers working on the
Hollister Chamber of Commerce.

=93We don=92t get anything out of it,=94 Cook said. =93It=92s the right
thing to do.=94

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