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From: "Herman T Stichman, Trustee" trustee_htstichman AT earthlink DOT net
Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 11:11:03 -0400
Subject: Fw: About Stuttgart Project 21
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Stuttgart’s station is a classic – and I know there’s a movement to save it.
Did you know that Marklin once had a model of this station in its catalog? I think it was pre WWII, and am told it was a pretty good representation.
Jim Guthrie

Stuttgart Project 21 aims to revitalize major passenger terminal
By Deirdre Frost

Published: May 17, 2013

Tracks approaching the current Stuttgart terminal.

Photo by Deirdre Frost

Street side of the current Stuttgart terminal.

Photo by Deirdre Frost
STUTTGART, Germany – Stuttgart Project 21, a forward-looking plan to revitalize the city’s passenger terminal, is moving ahead despite a number of challenges that questions the project’s viability due to rising costs and environmental concerns. Despite opposition to fund such a plan, Stuttgart Project 21 is now underway. Following completion, the new infrastructure will allow trains to travel underground in Stuttgart city center. If all goes according to plan, the new through station will be integrated into the European Paris-Vienna main trunk route.

The project combines plans for high speed rail links from Stuttgart to other regional cities and improvements the local infrastructure in the city center. The current 17-track station is to be replaced by an underground 8-track through station 40 feet below the current concourse. The subterranean S-Bahn and Stadtbahn rail transit stations will be included in the new infrastructure.

Four partners that are financing the $8.33 billion project include Deutsche Bahn AG, the federal government in Berlin, the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the city of Stuttgart. Both Chancellor Angela Merkel and her finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, voice their support for finishing the project.

"Stuttgart 21 will be built," Schäuble says. There is a "trans-regional interest in the project. The underground station and the high-speed rail line that connects to it will be momentous in scope for Baden-Württemberg."

Deutsche Bahn recently approved an additional $2.56 billion beyond the previously estimated total cost of $8.33 billion. The projected completion date for the project has been set back another three years and is now scheduled for 2022.

Stuttgart Project 21 would make the city a focal point in Germany’s rail network once the massive modern infrastructure project is in place. The plan calls for changing the broad 'Y' configuration of tracks south into Stuttgart. The trains on key rail arteries like Munich-Mannheim/Frankfurt have to retrace some of their route on a reverse path through the main terminal. The proposed new through underground tracks would alleviate this issue and shorten travel times. With new lines and no reverse moves, rail service to and from Stuttgart would see significantly reduced travel times.

The project calls for the development of a new main line that would require re-engineering of the main terminal infrastructure. This comprises 37 miles of new track and a six-mile, twin-tube tunnel connecting the city from with new InterCityExpress railway station at the airport and the trade exhibition grounds. Plans also include a rapid transit route from Wendlingen to Ulm in southwest Germany.

With increasing demand for high speed rail service, the new changes in the infrastructure would provide for greater mobility. The station currently handles as many as 220,000 passengers a day and that could easily top 250,000 once the upgrades are finished.


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