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From: "Gene Paoli" stationman AT prodigy DOT net
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 21:21:29 -0000
Subject: Re: (rshsdepot) Savannah, GA
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Well, here is the Union terminal designed by Philip Tornton Marye. I do not
know if it is extant nor if AMTRAK uses it.
Gene Paoli

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From: Bernie Wagenblast
To: Rail Depot List
Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 4:52 PM
Subject: (rshsdepot) Savannah, GA

> Savannah, Ga.'s Amtrak Station Still Bustling
> Jul. 1--In the pre-dawn hours last Thursday, Amtrak's Savannah station
> shined like a beacon in the dark along barren Louisville Road.
> Inside, passengers waited for the Silver Palmetto due in at 5:22 a.m. from
> its origination point in New York. Many with faces showing signs of sleep
> deprivation jerked awake as horns blared in the distance.
> The sudden noise jarred them from their state of near-sleep as they
> out for a sound that would build gradually.
> Soon the loud clickety-clack along the train tracks silenced the crickets
> and tree frogs, but raised the enthusiasm of two young rail riders eager
> begin their trip.
> Robby Rahn, 11, and Samuel Rahn, 3, ran outside to the platform to greet
> locomotive.
> "It's a choo choo," said Samuel, pointing.
> For the brothers, the freight train provides a brief distraction until
> can board the first Amtrak passenger train of the day.
> For other passengers, like Graham Toms from Bangor, Ireland, it's one step
> closer to reaching Orlando, his final destination.
> Despite different travel itineraries, the strangers share an appreciation
> for traveling by rail.
> Regardless of Amtrak's recent financial woes, train lovers and travelers
> remain optimistic about the future of the nation's largest passenger train
> service provider. A temporary fix of $100 million from the U.S. Treasury
> will help alleviate Amtrak's immediate problems.
> But "what ifs" still remain. The biggest being: What happens when the loan
> runs out?
> Savannah is one of five Amtrak stations in Georgia. It employs six people
> and in 2001, 44,371 passengers rode through the station.
> For people like the Rahns, who travel five times a year to visit their
> grandparents in Savannah, and Toms, on business travel and Ellie Tardif,
> Savannah, who rides the train to visit her family in North Carolina,
> provides a much-needed service.
> Toms didn't even seem to mind that his train has been delayed. He said it
> was still better than the alternative.
> With last-minute travel arrangements, the train was cheaper than booking a
> seat on a plane. There are other benefits as well, he said.
> "By taking the train, I've got a shorter distance to fall from the air,"
> said. "I do a lot of traveling by plane and you get to see the country on
> Amtrak."
> "Why I prefer Amtrak, is also for the service, too," he said.
> Tardif couldn't agree more.
> "You don't spend a lot of time in the terminal, the atmosphere and the
> trains are nice and pleasant," she said. "You don't have to be there 30
> minutes before the train comes ... there are no waits and no hassles. I
> don't fly if I can get away with it."
> Amtrak's predictable service is the reason why Tardif knows her schedule.
> The owner of Bull Street Station, a local hobby shop, said she leaves
> Savannah at 10:15 p.m.
> Friday and gets into Greenville, N.C. at 9 a.m.
> She'll leave at 7:18 p.m. Sunday and return home at 5:30 a.m. Monday.
> "For the rest I get and the comfort, the eight to nine hour trip is not
> bad," she said. "Maybe it takes a little longer, but if you count in train
> time vs. air time and waiting in the airport terminal -- that makes up for
> excess time."
> But for Robby Rahn, time passed quickly as he discussed trains.
> His grandfather is a retired train engineer and his father, Bobby Rahn,
> works for CSX. Robby added he has plans of becoming a train engineer.
> He matter-of-factly talked about how to get a train into gear and his
> of one day running the engine room.
> "I want to work for Amtrak," Robby Rahn said, adding he hopes the company
> still around when he is of working age.
> His father added to the conversation.
> Like Europe and the U.S. airline industry, Bobby Rahn said he believes
> Amtrak should receive government assistance.
> He was interrupted by a long low whistle cutting through the morning
air --
> the Silver Palmetto pulling into the station.
> Robby and Samuel's ride was about to begin.
> To see more of the Savannah Morning News, or to subscribe to the
> go to http://www.savannahnow.com
> Bernie Wagenblast
> Transportation Communications Newsletter
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/transport-communications/
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