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From: Gordy Bjoraker Gordon DOT L DOT Bjoraker AT gsfc DOT nasa DOT gov
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 11:22:35 -0400
Subject: Nashotah, Wisconsin depot photos
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>Do you have any info on the depot in Nashotah, Wisconsin, my Father
>designed this station in 1915. This only record I have of this depot is in
>a photograph taken of my Father in 1953.looking at the plans of 2 of his
>first two jobs for the Milwaukee Road, he retired after 38 years of
>service in 1954. 1916, Nashotah, Wisconsin. 1917, Butte,
>Montana (this one I have photos and have received much information
>concerning this still standing and in use as a TV station today.) But
>nothing on Nashotah Many thanks,
> Lynn E
>Lagerstrom DeRosa.

Dear Lynn (and depot list subscribers)

Here are 2 photos of the Nashotah, Wisconsin Milwaukee Road depot taken
in 1973.

Here is some more information from my friends in Madison:
Verne Brummel jmb@msn.com

"The depot at Nashotah is of a unusual design, at least for the Milwaukee
Road. This depot was a train order office until 1959,
and then remained in railroad use until the last four passenger trains using
it were discontinued: Chicago - Minneapolis local trains #55, 58 in 1969;
and Milwaukee - Watertown "Cannonball' trains #12, 23 on July 31, 1972.
This depot still stands, in private use."
Craig Bluschke

"Here are my 1973 photos of the Milwaukee Road depot at Nashotah. After I
replied to your email this morning I got to thinking - I seem to recall
that I drove by this depot a couple of years ago and noticed that it had
been nicely restored and appeared to be somebody's house."

Gordy Bjoraker


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