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From: "Karen L DOT Lindsey" kwillowby AT kermantel DOT net
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 11:36:17 -0700
Subject: Lone Star Depot (ATSF) For Sale
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Greetings, all.

I'm new to the list, but I already like what I see. I'll be sending my
dues shortly.

In the meantime, ATSF Lone Star depot (1913) is up for sale by the
current owner rather cheap. The depot was the first stop for Fresno (or
the last, depending on direction) on the line between Fresno and
Visalia. The last train went through in 1982, complete in ATSF
"warbonnet" paint, and after that the line was torn up. Today, only
sections of grade remain, and the only rail left is what you see in the
photo. The depot is in good shape, as the current owner is a rather
wealthy Valley ranch owner, and the depot is right in the middle of his
packing yard.

BTW, he says he'll throw in ATSF 999362 (pictured) and the decaying
carcass of an old fire engine for free (you can see the outline of the
truck at right).

If I had a few million, I'd buy the place myself and start a museum here
in Kerman, but I'm a teacher, so I'm not likely to ever have the
funds... :)

Blake H. Lindsey

Kerman, CA, Just down the block from Kerman Yard, West Valley Branch,
San Joaquin Valley Railroad


Cool your heels on the rail of an observation car. Let the engineer open
her up for ninety miles an hour. Take in the prairie right and left,
rolling land and new hay crops, swaths of new hay laid in the sun. A
signalman in a tower, the outpost of Kansas City, keeps his place at a
window with the serenity of a bronze statue on a dark night when lovers
pass whispering.

(Carl Sandburg, "Still Life")


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