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From: "Bruce & Jo Doran" bjdoran AT voyager DOT net
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:52:49 -0400
Subject: Re: (rshsdepot) FW: railroad depot
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Thank you so much for your prompt answer. A lot of the first two we have
done. This year we had our annual historical display in the depot so many,
many people have seen it. As far as media attention I am the office manager
of our weekly newspaper, so it has had a lot of coverage.
I appreciate knowing where to go for RR type organizations.
Our village is about 200 miles due north of Lansing, Michigan which is the
capitol of Michigan. To narrow it down further we are 50 miles west of
Alpena, 50 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge, 50 miles east of Petoskey,
and 60 miles north of Gaylord. There are only a handful of depots left in
this area and the nearest is about 50 miles.
This depot has had only two owners, the D&M (Detroit to Mackinac) Railroad
and the DNR. It has been leased to a lumber company for the last 50 years
since it closed but it was only used for storage. It still in almost
original condition.
Again thank you for your time in answering.
Jody Doran

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From: Don Mills, Jr DOT
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2001 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: (rshsdepot) FW: railroad depot

> Suggestions:
> Please do a complete history of your depot, including when it was built,
> which railroad utilized it and the history of railroads that owned it.
> include what other business' may have used it after the railroad sold it.
> Get as many pictures of it as you can and put them in a scrap book-photo
> album and have it ready to show when you start fundraising. Never
> that the basics of fund raising are just like in teaching.
> hear (use the media to let them know what you would like to do) and Do-
> (Once you have done the first two, make sure you keep the media apprised
> any progress you make.)
> Check with the railroad historical society of the builder railroad of your
> depot and see if they have a blueprint of the depot or know where one can
> obtained.
> Put together a grant application with both your state historical
> as well as the American Station Foundation-they help through grants to
> depots up and as centerpieces of history. Go to your local National
> Railway Historical Society (let me know exactly in Michigan where you are
> relation to larger cities and I will point you in the proper direction as
> the NRHS chapter) and ask if they will help you apply for a grant through
> them.
> I know this isn't much but it is what several folks in WV are doing to
> restore one in their town. I hope this at least puts you on a trail or
> sorts to move ahead.
> Don Mills
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> Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 10:25 AM
> Subject: (rshsdepot) FW: railroad depot
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> > > ----------
> > > From: Bruce & Jo Doran
> > > Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 9:01 AM
> > > To: mcamp@geology.utoledo.edu
> > > Subject: railroad depot
> > >
> > > My name is Jody Doran and I'm the president and founder of the
> > > Millersburg Area Historical Society. Millersburg is in northern
> > > Michigan about 50 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge. A small town of
> > > 250 people.
> > > We are in the process of acquiring a railroad depot for use as a
> > > museum and I am completely lost as to where to go from here. Our
> > > society is incorporated with the state but we do not have our 501C3 as
> > > of yet.
> > > The depot was built in 1917 and is made of concrete blocks. It is in
> > > fairly good condition. The slate roof has one leak that is getting
> > > serious. Several of the windows are gone and the original paneling
> > > from the office has been torn out. The station was closed over 50
> > > years ago and used only for storage.
> > > We have set up a planning group but if you have any insight as to what
> > > we should do first I would appreciate any help. We want to preserve
> > > this building and restore it before it is lost like so many others in
> > > this area.
> > > Thank you,
> > > Jody Doran
> > > P.O.Box 178
> > > Millersburg, Michigan 49759
> > > bjdoran@voyager.net
> > > 989-733-8175 - home
> > > 989-733-6543 - work
> > >


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