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Subject: Guyandotte WV
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Huntington, WV Herald Dispatch=2E=2E

Memories: Local history feature
Crane made train delivery -- and unusual photos -- possible

Three young women -- two sisters and a pal -- who were looking for an
unusual background for a photograph in 1920 certainly found it

They are standing on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co=2E=92s mail crane ju
west of the Guyandotte station on the Wheeling-Parkersburg-Kenova line

From the top are Willa Mae Baker, Edith Shy and Anna Lee Shy

They must have run around a lot together in their youth, as they all were
members of the Epworth League at the nearby Guyandotte Methodist Episcopal


The mail crane was where an employee of the local post office hung a sack
of outgoing mail every day

The sack was then picked up on the fly by a heavy catcher arm raised into
position by a Railway Post Office clerk on a passenger train as it sped
past the station

At the same instant, he snagged the outbound sack, the clerk would kick a
sack of in-bound mail out the door, which the local man would take to the
post office and sort for deliveries

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