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Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 11:38:29 -0500
Subject: Iowa Falls, IA
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From the Iowa Falls Times-Citizen=2E=2E

Long-awaited improvements to the old Short Line Iowa Falls Depot and the
Mills Tower switching station are about to begin following action by the
Iowa Falls City Council during a special meeting Nov=2E 8

The council held a public hearing on the plans, specifications and form of

contract for the project=2E The full scope of the project will include
repairing the depot roof, as well as interior and exterior work=2E Likewis
there will be a complete makeover of the Mills Tower building, including
the roof, interior and exterior=2E Masonry, mechanical and electrical work
also covered in the bid

Three bids were received, varying in costs from $432,125 to $174,900=2E Th
council followed the recommendation of Cooper Norman, project architect
with Prairie Architects, Inc=2E, of Fairfield=2E The low bid of $174,900 w
awarded to Energy Management and Engineering Inc=2E, of Libertyville=2E Th
company has specialized in depot restoration projects for historical
purposes, and their experience includes work on the depots in Ackley and

State and federal highway funds under the Federal Surface Transportation
Program (STP) will pay for the majority of the restoring efforts, with
$4,000 matching funds from the Iowa Falls Historical Society=2E While the
bid was about $6,700 over cost estimate, it was still within the range of
available funds=2E A total of $187,721 remains from the original $220,000
grant funds and historical society monies earmarked for the project

The project has been delayed a year by restoration costs in excess of fund
available=2E For Iowa Falls Historical Society members Franklin McCord and

Warren Kness, who along with Tom Alexander, have done much of the work and

research on the two buildings, the wait has been difficult

They are relieved to finally begin to see the proverbial "light at the end

of the tunnel=2E"

"We are pleased to be at the point where we are actually going to spend th
money we have received=2E It took a long time to get the money and it has
taken a long time to spend it=2E I think it was nine years ago that we fir
talked to a Department of Transportation representative about getting a
grant," McCord said

"I know I saw Warren at council meetings before I got on, so this is
something the railroad group has been working a long time on," Council
member Mark Messa said

"The goal is to get it done=2E We've tried setting deadlines on this thing

and it hasn't worked=2E Now, we're just hoping to get it finished," Kness

=A9Iowa Falls Times-Citizen 2002

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