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From: angela holm aholm AT durrant DOT com
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 13:05:49 -0600
Subject: CB&Q/CB&N Depot, Dubuque, IA
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Good Afternoon,

I've been lurking on this list for a while, but now I think I have something to
offer to you.... and maybe you can help me. I am an architect at Durrant, an
architecture/engineering firm in Dubuque, IA. Last year we were hired to do
research and design on the last remaining depot in town. It has been badly
altered over the years. With some grant money from the Iowa DOT, the exterior
of the building is being restored. The attached photo shows the depot about
1900. Since then, the breezeway between the baggage room and the depot has been
enclosed, the windows have been infilled with glass block, and the hipped roof
was removed. Today, it looks pretty much like a shoe box. Burlington Northern
did all of this when it "modernized". You can see a portion of the same side of
the depot as it looks today in the second photo.

So I did a bunch of interviews and research and found a few distant photos, news
articles, and the ICC Valuation Survey. From all of these sources, I was able
to come up with (I feel)
a very accurate design. If anyone would like to see them, they could be mailed
to you
(or, if you have AutoCad, I can email you the files).

If the depot in the photo looks familiar, I would really appreciate hearing from
you. The
building won't be complete until December 2002, so we can still improve upon its

accuracy. I really want this restoration to be done right.

Angela Holm


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