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Subject: Re: (rshsdepot) Horseheads, NY
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Not a great image of the Horseheads, NY, PRR station trackside, but there it


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> Historical society starts planning for anniversary
> Jeff Murray . December 1, 2008
> One hundred years ago, it was a focal point of activity in Horseheads.
> Today, the former train depot is a museum, and next year the Horseheads
> Historical Society plans to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of that
> change.
> The historical society wants to let the public know about the anniversary
> plans early because it wants people to have an opportunity to participate
> and
> assist in the planning.
> The idea is also to draw more attention to the facility.
> A lot of people don't realize how much of Horseheads' history is wrapped
> up in
> that old depot.
> "The building is very underutilized considering how important that
> building
> was to the development of this community," celebration chairman Rob
> Piecuch
> said.
> "All of your supplies came in there, anyone who came to Horseheads came by
> train. A lot of people don't realize the significance of that building.
> "Now people aren't aware of what the building is. People who live in the
> village have driven by it 50 times and didn't know what it was," he said.
> "We are trying to find more uses for it, trying to broaden knowledge of
> the
> building and people's awareness of this important structure in town,"
> Piecuch
> said.
> The rail depot was built in 1866. The brick building replaced a wooden
> structure that had burned down and was one of the first brick train depots
> in
> New York state, said Horseheads Historical Society President Richard
> Margeson.
> The building also served as a feed storage facility after it closed as a
> train
> depot.
> The historical society bought the building in 1995 and reopened it as a
> museum
> on Sept. 18, 1999.
> The society is planning a big celebration for Sept. 18 and is inviting
> everyone in the community to submit ideas for the bash.
> "Things we are looking at doing include having an event with as much
> involvement from other organizations and people as possible. That will
> make it
> a big event," Piecuch said.
> "Things we are looking for from other organizations, it could be
> historical
> groups, it could be displays if we can find space. If we could get an
> antique
> car association, that would be a neat thing to add to the attraction.
> Maybe
> the youth bureau, kids groups, food vendors possibly, anybody who has an
> idea
> and wants to be a part of it. It's sort of like a festival. All ideas will
> be
> considered."
> The historical society also is looking for help to restore one aspect of
> the
> building that is incomplete.
> A large window on the track side of the building was removed and boarded
> over
> back in the 1970s.
> The telegraph agent sat inside that window, which bowed out, and could
> look
> down the tracks to see trains coming into the station.
> "That was torn off when the feed mill bought the building. We want to
> re-create the bay window," Piecuch said.
> "We have no photos that show it clearly. We're looking for anyone who has
> any
> photos with pictures of the building that would show the bay window. We
> want
> to include getting that done in time for the event. That's why we wanted
> to
> get the word out now."
> There's another reason the Horseheads Historical Society wants to make a
> big
> deal out of the train depot celebration.
> The group wants to get residents excited about local history and maybe
> participate more in society activities.
> "We would definitely love to do that. Like every volunteer organization,
> we
> have problems getting enough people, having enough people," Margeson said.
> "It's a relaxing thing to go over there and sit there. It's a simple
> thing,
> but it's interesting if you poke your nose in the corners.
> "There's just so much history, it's just amazing. I love it. I just love
> history."
> Jeff Murray is a staff writer for the Star-Gazette. Town and Country
> appears
> every Sunday in the local section. If you have any items of interest from
> suburban and rural Chemung County communities, call Jeff at (607)
> 271-8251.
> You can also fax items at (607) 733-4408, or send Jeff an e-mail at
> jdmurray@gannett.com.
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> railroad structures at: http://www.rrshs.org
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