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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 16:46:49 -0500
Subject: Richmond, IN
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Friday, December 13, 2002

From the Palladium Item=2E=2E

Groups eye depot property
Richmond: CSX currently owns land, but is mum about its plans
By Bill Engle
Staff writer

The race is on to acquire the abandoned train depot and CSX Railroad
property near North Third and D streets in Richmond
But CSX officials are not saying what their plans are for the building or
the strip of abandon track that surrounds it and extends south to near
South Fifth and G streets in Richmond

The depot is near a trailhead for the Cardinal Greenway hiking and biking
trail and is part of the strip that is coveted by city officials as the
perfect link between the Cardinal Greenway and the Starr-Gennett area and
the gorge trail

"It's vital to connect the trail,'' said Richmond Parks and Recreation
Department Superintendent Stan Lambert=2E "If we acquire that strip we cou
remove the bridges on South Fifth and Main=2E Then we would have room for
parking lot and trailhead=2E''

But a local group, the Richmond Area Railroader's Society, also wants the
building for a small railroad museum, said president Doug Goss=2E He also
said the building could be used for bike rentals or a snack shop

That group has been pursuing the building for over a year

"It needs some work but it's usable right now,'' Goss said=2E "It would be
nice little gateway to the gorge=2E''

But CSX officials have not made a decision on the future of the building o
the land

"I'm sorry I don't have anything to add,'' said CSX spokeswoman Betty Jone
in an emailed response=2E "With the holidays and busy schedules, it will b
well after the New Year before any additional information is available or
anyone has time to address the subject=2E''

The railroad initially had offered to swap the land to the city if the cit
would pay for repairs to the South L Street rail crossing, but the city
declined that offer

Still, Lambert said he feels the railroad is interested in completing a
swap or sale with the city

"I'm pretty sure they want to work with us,'' he said=2E "I believe they a
wanting to move forward now=2E''

Lambert said the city might be interested in sharing the building with the

society as long as the use would work well with the trail

But Goss said the society wants to own the building and is not necessarily

interested in sharing it with the city

"We would be willing to work with them to continue the trail but we don't
want a joint venture with them,'' Goss said=2E "I don't think the city is
interested in the tracks but we have something we could put on the

Goss also said his group has the volunteer manpower and local sponsorship
to help bring about the acquisition=2E He added that CSX has asked for mor
information about the group's project

"I've replied back to them with the information they wanted,'' Goss said

"We've waiting to hear back from them=2E There's a lot of potential down

"We think our group can utilize it to its fullest potential,'' Goss said

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