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From: "fred fep" luckyshow AT mindspring DOT com
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:11:44 -0500
Subject: Diana Coal R.I.P
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The Diana Coal silos (see enclosed image from around 5 years ago) are
being torn down I am told...

They are one of the few remnants left on Atlantic Avenue from its active
surface railroading days. This is at Logan and Atlantic...just over the
Queens border in Brooklyn, on the south side. One loops up off the
Conduit Boulevard from the Belt (by auto), your first light on Atlantic
and there is the Diana Coal sitting abandoned and relic-like..Just east
was where the flying cutoff from the Crescent extension of the Fulton El
flew to and from the Rockaways. It had its life post rail for sure, I am
romanticizing that steel once served it where the gas station is now.

Most of the coal silos beside the LIRR are gone now, the one that was on
the south side midway between Laurelton and the Springfield Gardens
station, those silos in Laurelton were raised long ago, after I moved
out of Laurelton but still at least oh my maybe 25 years ago.. Closer in
time than that but still gone quite a while are the concrete coal silos
in North Valley Stream on the west side of the west Hempstead Branch
just north from its joining with the Montauk Division.

The only one I think is left is in Floral park, it has big lights on top
for the parking lots below, the left over remnant of the Central
Railroad from Flushing brought coal (and maybe crazy people?) to
Credemore just north. So I guess these silos, now one of the ever
shrinking few still around. (It is also the ugliest I think.)

So, kiss Diana good-bye, she no doubt served the populace well once, and
perhaps once was a client of the LIRR..


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